A system brought to life

Vladimir Sibirov on building software systems and engineering teams

Natural Weekly Rhythm

Synchronize the rhythm of a week with productivity cycles for majority of people in the team to reduce stress and increase effectiveness

Project Tech Leads

An technique from Engineering Manager's Runbook for boosting ownership and growing leadership skills in engineering teams from bottom up

Google Keep framework for TODO and Goal tracking

How I use Google Keep for getting things done and tracking long-term goals, in addition to note taking. Plus collecting statistics and automating routine.

SOLID design principles in short poems

An entertaining summary of SOLID design principles, with common sense shortcuts and simple poetry

TypeScript: JavaScript way to Go

Taking the best of the 2 worlds: rapidness of development with dynamic languages and reliability of static languages with TypeScript. Contains some Go inspiration

Forcing a specific NoFlo version for all dependencies

Using NPM Shrinkwrap to enforce the same version of NoFlo for all dependencies to fix backwards compatibility issues