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About the author

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Hello world! My name is Vladimir and I’m a software engineer with a Master degree in Computer Science and background in Content Management Systems.

Relevant topics

My most recent experience covers these topics:

  • Building and maintaining backends with Node.js and NoFlo
  • Practical use of Flow-based Programming in software architecture and implementation in Go and JavaScript
  • Technical leadership in small teams and keeping agile projects on full sail
  • Full-stack web application engineering (earlier with PHP/Laravel and AngularJS, etc.)


I started to program back in 2001 and was captivated by the process of creating something out of thin air. Nowadays I still find this exact feeling the most precious about programming, except for solving real people needs of course.

My initial coding experience was highly inspired by DemoScene and included programing graphics, but in 2002 I released a CGI web programming library for FreePascal as my first Open Source project and built a small community around it.

In 2003 I switched to Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL stack and continued with it as well as HTML/CSS/JavaScript for more than a decade.

My amusements at the University (from 2005 to 2011) consisted of many things including C/C++, C#, Prolog, Go, UML, hardware design, machine learning and what not. But the most affecting was FPGA hardware design put together with Systems Analysis models and applied to software engineering - this is what my Master Thesis was about.

Open Source has always played a big role in my life and in 2007 I joined Cotonti Content Management system and framework to lead its development and support the community.

Meanwhile I continued to earn money as a freelance LAMP specialist and around 2008 gathered a team of like-minded people to found my own development agency called Kodigy. Sometimes things at the agency went well, sometimes they didn’t. By 2013 I realized that I lack knowledge and skill in acquainting bigger customers and selling my work, and changed for a full-time technical position in Advertisement and Digital Production business.

I grew from a freelance contractor to a CTO in digital production industry, but then I realized that while I was mostly busy making the company run and grow smoothly, my technical expertise was becoming irrelevant. Something I thought too early to happen at the age of 25. So I left the advertisement market and went for a product company.

This is how I joined The Grid - a pioneer in AI-designed websites. For me it was a rare opportunity to run Flow-based systems in production and be a part of bright international team.

When my journey with The Grid was over, I moved to Berlin and started working for HelloFresh, one of the fastest growing companies in Europe.


Besides the scenes, I’m a family guy who loves his wife and little daughter.

I enjoy cooking, good food and good music. In winter my sport is skiing, in summer it’s fun to ride a bicycle.

All cover photos on this website are also by my own, including the shot of my lovely cat on the cover of this page =(^.^)=